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Warwick Audio is a technology company specialising in the development of flat and flexible loudspeaker (FFL) solutions for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Warwick Audio Technologies is a University of Warwick spinout incorporated in 2002. It specialises in the development of flat, flexible loudspeakers which have a negligible cost to manufacture, are extremely lightweight, thin and use less than 10% of power compared to a conventional speaker. In addition, the speakers can be flexed to direct sound where it is required and can also be utilised in damp or humid conditions due to the water resistant nature of the film used in the product. The manufacture of the product does not require rare-earth materials. Warwick Audio Technologies currently holds four patents.

The technology has a large variety of applications with the primary market being the automotive market through the original equipment manufacturers which is estimated to be greater than $1.0billion. Other potential markets include consumer electronics, audio visual and conferencing, advertising and public areas. Warwick Audio Technologies is in discussions with a number of vehicle manufacturers from around the world including Japan, Europe, India and the USA, with testing underway on both product safety and compatibility with manufacturing techniques.

While it is not believed that there is a direct competitor in the market that can offer a product of the same quality, there are a number of alternative audio manufacturers who aim to produce products offering a similar capability.

The company benefits from a strong management team led by Dr Mike Grant as CEO. Mike has over 20 years’ commercial and marketing experience, 10 of which were at board level.

Warwick Audio Technologies' board of directors have significant experience of the consumer audio market with Gary Waters, a former Vice President and General Manager of BOSE as non-executive director. Investment Director Dr Mark Volanthen, sits on the board as a representative of Mercia.

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