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Edge Case Games operates in the free to play games as a service model, focusing on the core PC gamer audience.

Edge Case Games is a developer and publisher of PC based games focused on the free-to-play, science fiction genre. PC gaming continues to be a huge market with 1.2 billion players globally and estimated revenues of $29.4billion Edge Case Games’ first offering is called Fractured Space, which launched via Steam Early Access in November 2014 and was fully launched on Steam’s PC delivery platform in September 2016. It has so far generated over $2.0million of revenue since the beta launch and its key metrics measured during the full launch weekend matched those of global market leaders in the free-to-play PC games market. The game is attracting third party publishing interest.

Formed in 2014 by industry veterans James Brooksby and Chris Mehers through an investment from Mercia’s managed funds, the pair’s previous title, the action space game Strike Suit Zero, launched in January 2013 and attracted an audience of over 1.4million players on PC and console. CEO James has almost 20 years of industry experience and has had significant involvement in running and guiding games development studios, while Chris brings a solid background of senior commercial management to the company as COO.

Fractured Space has the potential to become a significant franchise in the free-to-play market with the right publishing and marketing support. The company is close to realising this opportunity and has also started developing a second title. Edge Case Games is a great example of the value in investing in smart, original creative content within the free-to-play PC games market.

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