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Allinea Software is recognised as the leading vendor of tools for parallel software development and High Performance Computing (HPC).

Allinea Software’s tools make programming parallel and multithreaded software simple. With cross-platform support and a strong focus on ease-of-use, Allinea products help to scale cluster applications to new heights.

One of the fastest growing companies in HPC, Allinea Software has been honoured as a Red Herring Top 100 company. The company has offices in the US and the UK, as well as network of resellers and partners in most parts of the world.

Dr David Lecomber is the CEO and a founder of Allinea Software. He has played a role in parallel and high performance computing for over two decades. He holds a DPhil from Oxford University, where his research interests included programming models for concurrency and general purpose parallel computing, and he subsequently held research and teaching positions within the university.

In 2002, he helped found Allinea Software to create tools for the forthcoming parallel era. The Allinea team has a passion for making the development of multi-process or multi-threaded codes easier, from the desktop through to supercomputers with millions of cores.

David led the development team that created the world's first Petascale debugger and profiler, the only commercial software tools to have been proven to run concurrently on over 100,000 cores, and is now used in the production of over 700,000 cores.

Mercia exited Allinea Software on 16 December 2016. Data is correct as at this date. A copy of the RNS is available here.

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