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The investment process

One of the most common questions the Investment Teams are asked is “how long does the process take?” And it really does vary, but the answer always depends on the position and situation of the company.

The process for debt and equity finance will vary slightly, but it does follow the same broad path. What will vary however is the length of time which it takes for the investment process to complete and this is very much dependent on the circumstances of the prospective investee company.

In the case of good management information, decent trading history or product milestones achieved and a clear market opportunity, then this could be as little as 30 days for debt finance, and a little more for equity transactions.

In the case of limited management information, early signs of trading/working towards product milestones and a clear market opportunity, this is more likely to be something which we would watch develop. It could be anything from a few months and beyond whilst we work closely with the management teams watch how the company develops.

The easiest thing to do is simply pick up the telephone to talk to us and we will put you in touch with an Investment Manager who can assist you - please call us on on 0330 223 1430.

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