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Investor Centre

Mercia's Investor Centre, which is used in connection with Mercia EIS Funds, allows you to keep up to date with the progress of your portfolio.

You will be able to view summary information, investment performance and distributed capital via the dashboard.

A detailed view of the investments can be found on your portfolio page and here you will have access to electronic copies of your tax certificates. Within the documents section you will find detailed investment papers, six-monthly Advisory Committee reports which provide you with further updates on the progress of each company, and copies of your six-monthly consolidated valuation statements. Existing investors in Mercia EIS Funds can use our five minute application form for future fund investment, which means that they will not need to print and physically sign any documents.

Personal valuations are updated every six months and these are driven by the share prices of the underlying companies in your portfolio. The share prices will be announced immediately after Mercia Technologies PLC publishes its Annual Report (March valuations reported in July) and Interim Results (September valuations report in November). In addition to the personal valuations, fund level performance is measured on a quarterly basis and published on our website.

Our Share Exchange, which is accessed via the Investor Centre, provides a facility through which Mercia EIS Funds investors may be able to sell shares to Mercia Technologies PLC. Mercia Technologies PLC supports the successful companies that emerge from Mercia EIS Funds, providing follow-on capital from its own balance sheet. After Mercia Technologies PLC has made an investment, it may offer to buy shares in the same company from investors in the Mercia EIS Funds (SEIS or EIS) typically at a 25% discount to the share price. Please note, there is no guarantee that Mercia Technologies PLC will invest in any companies in your portfolio and there is no guarantee of any offers to purchase shares.

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