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Electronics, Materials, Manufacturing & Engineering

This sector is led by Investment Director Dr Mark Volanthen, and is focused on identifying and supporting the next generation of disruptive proprietary technologies in energy and communications together with high value electronics and manufacturing applications.

In many instances Mercia’s target sectors are undergoing rapid change in response to fundamental technological and economic drivers, which provide an ideal backdrop for differentiated, innovative solutions to build value.

Manufacturing contributes £6.7trillion to the global economy and the UK is currently the world’s ninth largest industrial nation. In 2016, the market value for consumer electronics in the UK reached around €9.8billion. This shows that the electronics market has been growing over the past four years, with an increase of over €1.5billion.

If your business operates in one of these sectors or you are looking for investment, then please do get in touch with the team today by completing this form.

If you would like to see more information about companies in this sector, then visit our portfolio page.

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