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Electronics, Materials, Manufacturing / Engineering

This sector is led by Investment Director Dr Mark Volanthen, and is focused on identifying and supporting the next generation of disruptive proprietary technologies, often university-derived, in energy and communications, together with high value electronics and manufacturing applications.

The portfolio has continued to make positive progress with several assets accelerating commercial traction through global partnerships with leading industry players. Our university partnerships continue to play a particularly important role with this sector as many of our investments in the portfolio have originated from these key relationships. Investment from Mercia has continued to support rapid expansion in this sector. There have also been several follow-on investments and a number of exciting new investments in the managed funds portfolio, strengthening the pipeline of future direct investments over the next two years.

Proprietary intellectual property within each investment underpins the disruptive technologies being commercialised and a number of new patents have been applied for across the sector this year. This sector comprises a diversified portfolio of eight technology companies, targeting large global markets including automotive, consumer electronics, semiconductors, energy storage and mobile communications.

The global market for consumer electronics is continuing to grow rapidly and it is expected to reach around €18.0billion in 2018. The semiconductor market is forecast to grow by 7.5% from $419.0billion in 2017 to $451.0billion in 2018 and the automotive market is forecast to grow by 2.5% in the same period.

The UK is continuing to climb up the rankings of global producers, having moved from being the ninth largest manufacturer in the world to the eighth in 2017/18. The UK manufacturing industry employs 2.6million people and the EU is still the dominant market for exports, accounting for 48.0% of manufactured exports in 2017.

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