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Investment strategy

The purpose of the Group is value realisation through the proactive local delivery of the right capital, to the right companies, at the right time

The Group intends to meet its investment objective by:

  • Providing early-stage businesses with infrastructure, management support and access to capital via Mercia Fund Managers

  • Making direct investments via Mercia Technologies primarily into businesses within the Mercia Fund Managers’ portfolio

  • Undertaking strategic corporate transactions either through investing in or acquiring complimentary businesses or sub-critical funds

Developing companies in technology and service provision

Mercia Technologies PLC will seek exposure to developing companies which combine technology and service provision, have significant intellectual property, are scalable and require relatively modest capital infusion. The Group will primarily seek exposure to developing companies in, but not limited to, the following sectors:

  • Digital & Digital Entertainment

  • Electronics, Materials, Manufacturing/Engineering

  • Software & the Internet

  • Life Sciences & Biosciences

Investment objective and policy

There is no limit on the size of a direct investment by Mercia. Once fully invested, the Board anticipates that Mercia Technologies PLC will typically derive its income from a portfolio of no more than 40 companies.

Mercia Fund Managers manages each fund in accordance with its respective investment objective and policy. Each of which, for the avoidance of doubt, is distinct from the investment objective and investment policy of the Group and the investment objective and investment policy of the other Mercia Fund Managers' funds. Not all of the Group's managed funds have technology-focused mandates.

Investing strategies

In respect of direct investments made by Mercia Technologies PLC, the Directors will apply some or all of the following investing strategies to achieve the investing policy:

  • A pre-identified strong market potential and high opportunity for growth

  • The identification of likely exit opportunities, such as trade sales, flotation or partnerships

  • The technology team should be recognised as leaders in their field

  • There should typically be an underlying enabling and scalable technology, capable of addressing multiple applications

  • There should be defensible intellectual property and ideally comprehensive patent protection, with the ability to enhance this position as the investee company develops

  • The technology is typically projected to be no more than two to three years away from demonstrating incremental value to third-party investors or trade buyers or being capable of generating revenue streams for the business.

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