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The Complete Capital Solution

Mercia's model is to provide early stage technology businesses with capital, infrastructure and management support to accelerate their development and enhance their value for all stakeholders.

Our business model - for technology businesses

We scale innovative opportunities from the UK regions into global businesses. At Mercia, we invest in businesses with high growth potential to deliver attractive returns from our direct investments and our third party funds under management. From seed through to exit, Mercia is in the unique position of being able to use a full range of capital, through our 'Complete Capital Solution’, to build great technology businesses with global potential.

Our group

Mercia is able to meet a business' funding needs at any stage. Early-stage funding is first provided through our FCA-regulated third party fund management business, Mercia Fund Managers. For a small number of the managed funds portfolio we are then able to provide follow-on capital through Mercia’s own resources. This follow-on capital is given to the investees with high growth potential, our 'Emerging Stars'. Ultimately, Mercia's goal is to realise significant value for all shareholders through an exit.

Through our managed funds businesses, we also invest in businesses outside of our core technology focuses. You can read more about these funds here.


We source dealflow through our team's extensive professional networks, as well as our 19 university partners across the UK.

Our aim

We are already one of the most active investors in the UK, but we also offer more than just funding - we provide expertise and support through our team of highly-experienced professionals.

Our aim is to be the 'go-to' provider of finance for innovative and high growth potential businesses in the UK regions.

To find out more, take a look at our portfolio, contact our offices, or learn more about our third-party funds.

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